Alkali Resource Management Ltd. Services

ARM provides numerous services with regards to forest management. These services vary from:

  • planning
  • ground reconnaissance
  • timber development
  • road construction
  • timber harvesting
  • road maintenance
  • post-harvest deactivations
  • pile burning
  • grass seeding
  • plantability surveys
  • site preparations
  • reforestation
  • regeneration surveys
  • juvenile spacing
  • cone picking
  • wildland fire suppression
  • broadcast burning
  • ecosystem restoration.

Alkali Resource Management Ltd. Fire Suppression Crews

In 2011, ARM expanded the services we provide and were awarded a contract with the BC Wildfire Service to provide two five person type III wildland fire fighting crews. Over the years our type III fire suppression crews have steadily grown to our current four five person fire crews. In 2018, Alkali Resource Management Ltd. was awarded a contract for two four person type II wildland fire suppression crews.



Past deployments for ARM Fire Keepers (Type III):

  • C20369 - Fox Mountain
  • C22366 - Cold Spring Creek
  • C22371 -  Mayfield
  • C41745 - Wild Goose Lake
  • C11937 - North Baezaeko
  • R32009 -Nichyeskwa Creek

Past deployments for ARM Renegades (Type II):

  • C50566 - Halfway South Forest Service Road
  • C50839 - Stewart Lake
  • C21181 - Place Lake
  • C31274 - Grain Creek
  • C22371 - Mayfield
  • C12594 - Bald Face Mountain
  • C12302 - Tzenzaicut Lake
  • C11937  - North Baezaeko
  • G90363 - Beaver River

Cariboo Aboriginal Forestry Enterprises Ltd.


Cariboo Aboriginal Forestry Enterprises Ltd. (CAFE) is a joint venture between the Tl’esqox (Toosey) and Esk’etemc (Alkali Lake) communities. Tl'esqox is represented by Chilcotin Plateau Enterprises Ltd. and Esk'etemc is represented by Alkali Resource Management Ltd. CAFE is a forest management company responsible for the management of 41,000 hectares of land known as the Chilcotin Training Area located 47 kilometres west of Williams Lake which is owned by Department of National Defence.