ARM Scholarship Education Fund

The Alkali Resource Management Education Fund is set up to be an Annual Scholarship funded from the log sales at ARM. The fund is based on 25¢ per cubic meter harvested from Esk’etemc tenures based in each of ARM’s fiscal year.

The amount that will be funded annually will be based on the size of the fund and future business considerations.

The criteria of the award will be available to registered Esk’etemc band members pursuing Post – Secondary education. There is no preference for the type of Post- Secondary education as long as it benefits the greater good of the Esk’etemc. Qualifications are outlined below in Student Eligibility for Funds.

The fund will be administered by the ARM Board of Directors.

General Information

The ARM Scholarship Education Fund is designed to encourage and support registered Esk’etemc band members to acquire qualifications so that they may become economically self-sufficient and may realize their individual potential for contribution to the community and society at large. It believed that for an individual to be successful in acquiring an education the individuals must take responsibility for setting and achieving their educational goals. This scholarship is for students enrolled in a degree / diploma granting program and is not intended to support entry level prep courses or studies.


The following definitions of terms relate to the Post-Secondary program;

Certified Programs

  • Programs provided by accredited educational facilities (e.g. community colleges, institutes, universities), and
  • Enables students to receive credentials (e.g. diploma, degree or course credits), which can be applied towards the receipt of a diploma, degree, or obtaining certification status through a part-time or full-time program, when completing the program.

Certified Courses

  • Courses provided by a college or university that will result in attaining a diploma or degree or work towards a diploma or degree (continually adding to course credits for courses completed).

Portable Credits

  • The credentials are portable across the region and province. The program needs to be recognized by other universities, institutes, colleges, provinces/territories, and professional licensing associations.

Student Eligibility for Funds

To be eligible to receive a scholarship fund under the terms of the ARM Scholarship, it is necessary that:

  1. The applicant MUST be a member of Esk’etemc. Priority will be given to applicants in the following order:
    1. Current students enrolled in post-secondary institution returning to a full-time degree or diploma program.
    2. Students graduating from grade 12 and entering a post-secondary institution, enrolling in a full-time degree or diploma program;
    3. Students who have graduated from grade 12 in previous years and have not applied for/or received funding;
    4. Band members with grade 12 equivalents who have not previously received funding from this program;
    5. Band members who have not received funding from this program previously and contingent upon available funds
    6. Band members re-applying for additional funding to continue a degree program contingent upon available funds
    7. Non-band members living in the Esk’etemc community, who have graduated from grade 12, who have not/could not receive funding from their band, and at the discretion of the Education Committee in consultation with the Student Services Administrator.
  2. The applicant has been accepted by an accredited post-secondary institution and that he/she be enrolled in a minimum of three courses in the first semester of the first academic year, and then four courses during the second semester. This applies to University and College Entrance Preparation programs. The following years, the number of courses that a student is enrolled in is based on the institutions’ criteria for a full load in their program of study. This differs from the institution’s definition of a full-time student. If funds are available, a student may be funded as a part-time student during the Spring semester (i.e. two courses).
  3. The applicant must make available a letter of acceptance from the institution which the student plans to attend, or a document indicating promotion and/or approval to continue studies from the education institution which the student most recently has attended.
  4. The applicant is aware that funds provided to students through this program are not intended to be sufficient to assist the student to pay off personal debts.
  5. The applicant maintains a “C+” or two-point seven (2.7) grade point average, or equivalent, standing in each term he/she is enrolled. If a student fails to keep this standing, he/she will be advised by letter that he/she is on probation and must improve his/her grades in the next term. If a student is below this standing for two consecutive terms his/her case will be reviewed by the Committee before he/she returns to school. The Committee has the option of discontinuing the student’s funding. Interim reports are to be provided to the Committee.
  6. The student has lived in Canada twelve months prior to application.
  7. For Band members who are non-residents of Canada, the Committee may approve funding in consultation with the Student Services Administrator and if budgets permit such funding.